Make a Colostrum Facial Mask?

Taken internally, Colostrum helps our skin to glow from the inside out with its rich suite of nutrients, growth factors and probiotics, but Colostrum, a potent anti-inflammatory substance can also be used topically to beautify, soothe and heal our skin (works great on burns too!).

In its simplest form, all you really need is water (and/or honey!) to mix together with Colostrum for a soothing mask, but when we’re feelin’ like a spa day, we like to get a little fancier.

Or try this mix 1-2 tablespoons of powdered Colostrum with enough water or coconut oil to make a thick paste. Apply to face and/or décolleté and allow paste to dry. Rise with cool water and pat dry.

An alternative version is to mix 1 teaspoon powdered Colostrum with enough water, olive oil, or coconut oil to easily apply around the eyes at bedtime. Wash face in the morning.

For best results, you’re after a semi-thick paste to coat your face and not drip. You’ll want to play around with different ratios of these ingredients until you find a texture that feels juuuuust right. There’s no science to this; have FUN!